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Why should you join Nursing Courses ?

B.Sc Nursing is a great demanding course in India for secure career . There has limited seats for this course and every year lakhs of students are applying to get admission but a few of them are getting admission in Nursing Colleges .

Nursing Admission Query

Nursing, as a career, has always been in demand. Now with more and more private hospitals and nursing homes coming up, the demand for trained nurses has increased manifold. Playing a significant role in the healthcare profession, nurses shoulder a wide variety of responsibilities. Right from taking bedside care of patients to administrating medicines to maintaining day-to-day records of patients to arranging medical equipment – a host of duties are performed by nurses. Now when it comes to courses, wide varieties of options are available for nursing aspirants.

Different Types of Nursing Courses

In India, various Universities and medical colleges provide diploma (ANM / GNM), graduate (B.Sc / PBBSc ) and postgraduate ( M.Sc) nursing courses. Besides, many institutes offer various midwifery courses.

In order to pursue higher studies or M.Sc in nursing, candidates should have a B.Sc in nursing degree with the requisite marks. While studying M.Sc in nursing, they can specialize in the following areas:-

  • Medical Surgical Nursing
  • Paediatric Nursing
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology Nursing
  • Psychiatric Nursing
  • Community Nursing


Nursing Job Prospects

Nurses do not remain unemployed. They easily get jobs in private and government run hospitals, nursing homes, orphanages, old age homes, industries, sanatoriums and the armed forces. They can also seek employment in the Indian Red Cross Society, Indian Nursing Council, State Nursing Councils and various other nursing institutions.

Nurses can also take up administrative and teaching positions in medical colleges and nursing schools. Enterprising individuals can start their own nursing bureaus or even work on their own terms and conditions.

Apart, from these innumerable openings in the domestic sector, nurses who earn international nursing certifications and fulfill the prescribed immigration criteria generally move to greener pastures abroad.

Salary Pay Packet

Nurses who are new to this profession often earn a monthly salary that is in the range of Rs 17,000 to Rs 27,000. Mid-level positions can fetch a pay packet anywhere between Rs 25,000 to Rs 40,000. Highly experienced nurses can even get a salary in the band of Rs 48,000 to Rs 90,000 per month. Nurses who get employment in foreign countries such as US, Canada, England and Gulf countries can easily earn even heftier monthly pay packets.

Demand and Supply

With the rapid growth in the population coupled with the requirement for better healthcare facilities, there is an unending demand for nurses in the country. However, the supply of nurses greatly falls short of meeting this ever growing demand.

According to a latest study there are approximately 10.5 lakh nurses registered with the Nursing Council. However, only 4 lakhs of these nurses are actively in service. A vast majority of them have left service due to retirement, marriage and immigration. In this context, there is a huge gap in demand and supply.

Market Watch

With increasing focus on health care, job prospects for nurses look brighter than ever before. More and more hospitals, nursing homes and medical establishments are being coming up. The government on its part is striving hard to give impetus to the nursing sector in the country. According to the latest development, the government has planned to set up more than 130 ANM and GNM schools each. Also, there is plan to strengthen the State Nursing Councils and Nursing Cells in various states. Furthermore, these plans include setting up of new Nursing Colleges across the country.

Government has also allowed special hospitals to start M.Sc. Nursing programs without these institutions having the prerequisite to set up corresponding graduate programs. The norms for admission to nursing schools have also been relaxed so that married women can now get admission to various nursing programs.

International Focus

There is great demand for highly skilled nurses abroad. In fact, India has emerged as the largest provider of nurses to foreign countries. In the US, nurses receive $2,000 to $10,000 as signing bonus. Registered nurses with one year of experience get $17 per hour plus premium $2 per hour for evening shifts and $3 for night shifts in the US. However, before you sign a contract abroad ensure you are covered for malpractice and other legal issues. The lure of big money and better living conditions abroad often attracts experienced nurses from India. A major reason for the scarcity of nurses in the domestic sector is their flight to foreign lands.